Hardide Plc

Company Overview

Hardide’s patented technology enables metal components used within a wide range of high-end manufacturing processes to be coated with a thin layer of Tungsten Carbide. This coating significantly strengthens and enhances the operating performance of the component and hence, reduces operational downtime and extends the useful life. Recent significant capital investment in both Hardide’s UK and USA facilities is expanding its number of reactors from the current six to nine by the end of 2020. This capacity expansion combined with a diversifying and growing end customer base has positioned the Company for significant revenue growth and operational gearing.

Date Reports Available Download
08 December 2021 Prelims: Strong start to FY22, all key markets recovering 2 page note
18 May 2021 Interims in line 5 page note
4 February 2021 Update post fundraise 5 page note
9 December 2020 Solid results, capacity expansion completed 7 page note
26 May 2020 Solid Interims, Positive outlook 5 page note
9 December 2019 Initiation 20 page note