Sativa Group Plc

Company Overview

Sativa Group Plc is a leading UK quoted CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis group with five operating subsidiaries. Goodbody Botanicals provides CBD products online and to retail markets including pharmacies, wellness stores and grocers.  Goodbody Wellness is a high-street retail brand with dedicated CBD wellness stores providing a premium shopping experience to consumers.  Tessellate Collective is a direct-selling network marketing platform servicing consumers at home.  Phytovista laboratories provides independent testing of CBD products to both external customers and fellow Group businesses.  Sativa Grow holds a Controlled Drug licence and cultivates cannabis plants to fulfil its partnership agreement with King's College London to research the impact of cannabinoids on inflammation and respiratory conditions.  

Date Reports Available Download
11 February 2020 Trading update 3 pages
30 October 2019 Initiation note 23 pages